“Mark Question in The Great Pluto War” Chapter 5

This concludes the all-too brief and ultimately uncompleted weekly sci-fi comic strip that me and my buddy Brandon produced several years ago back in college. At the time, I was working as the Continuous News editor, I believe, for our college paper and used the opportunity to see if I could get a head start on publishing some original comic work. What me and Brandon decided upon was a cute little pulp sci-fi homage that I had originally come up with as text fodder for the background in some design project I was working on. Although we weren’t able to give the strip its proper 4-Dimensional grand finale as I had envisioned it, it still exceeded my expectations and we won the award that year for best comic strip among Florida student papers at the junior college level. These characters and their universe continue to expand inside my personal ideaspace and have served as the foundation for dozens of other heroes and stories.

(Click to enlarge. Sorry the image is so unwieldy, breaking it up into separate boxes was impossible due to the placement of the word balloons.)

Mark 5 (all)

Words and plot by Mike Greear, Art by Brandon Hicks

Originally published in The Corsair at Pensacola State College